Creates a safe, interactive and customizable educational environment 



Virtual Realty

Virtual reality technology gives students the opportunity to visit and interact with any environment, without worrying about safety standards or time and distance restrictions. So that the teacher can take his students to any environment on a trip


It is the device that runs on the Chrome operating system, which was designed specifically for the educational environment, which is considered the most secure device at an affordable price, where the workspace is stored on the cloud, which keeps the data safe.

Google Classroom

It is the interactive environment that Google provides for schools, as it gives teachers and students a virtual class through which students interact with teachers and helps implement different learning strategies and leads to the integration of technology.


They are Google applications designed specifically for management and organization of work, which help the school to save the time and effort of workers through many applications that help to arrange and organize work with high quality.

SmartKnights is Google's partner in the field of education in Saudi Arabia, where the company has passed many tests, and completed many procedures to obtain this license, which enabled it to provide various Google services dedicated to the educational environment.

SmartKnights includes a number of certified employees as trainers, in addition to a certified system administrator, SmartKnights visits the school and determines its needs from a technical and material perspective, and then trains teachers and provides schools with the needs of Google applications and devices

"the teacher was talking in the class and interacting with the students until, Overnight, she looked at the class and found the students interacting in groups through Chromebook technology."

-Mark Surdica, Director of Technology, Fontbonne Academic Hall.

What is the Google initiative in education?

It is a dynamic digital environment provided to schools that allows their students to interact intelligently and collaboratively and explore different knowledge fields on the cloud, consisting of:

A selection of professional applications as well as content creation tools with some educational units and interactive enrichment content, all of which are built and integrated on the Google Classroom platform and the Google G Suite applications package. This initiative also allows for future expansion by adding other advanced elements and tools such as Chromebooks and the smart wireless network from Google. All of this is offered for a small fee and is backed by our sponsors and service providers.

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