Mental arithmetic program

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What does the student benefit from the mental arithmetic program?

What distinguishes the Japanese mental arithmetic program from other similar programs is its focus on developing students’ skills, and not just possessing the skill of rapid arithmetic. Among the skills that the program develops through many mental games that are included in each level

Features of mental arithmetic program:

Japanese educational exercises

The mental arithmetic program includes exercises on rapid mental arithmetic and Japanese educational games and exercises to develop creative thinking.

It matches the capabilities of each student

The mental arithmetic program is designed to suit the abilities of each student, regardless of his academic level and the approved educational curriculum

Eye skill development

Training the eye to take pictures and texts faster and store them in memory correctly, through continuous training in taking pictures, since 87% of people learn through visual memory.

Develop listening and analysis skills

Continuous exercise in performing the arithmetic operations dictated by the teacher in order to gain speed and accuracy in arithmetic develops listening and analysis skills.

Develop and activate memory and focus

Through games and activities dedicated to the development of visual memory.

Improve speed and accuracy skills

This program is primarily intended to achieve speed with continuous practical training and accuracy by practicing revisions for all calculations.


Freed from dependence on calculators, computers, and other devices, children become completely self-reliant using their innate brains and calculators.

Gaining self-confidence

The confidence gained after liberation from the fear of mathematics and the acquisition of general and advanced intellectual abilities, lasts a lifetime.

Develop imaginative skills

After giving up the use of soroban at a certain stage, children work on imagining the soroban, which strengthens their imagination skills with continuous practice.

Develop the skill of fast writing

Children in general suffer from slow writing in order to get a good handwriting, and in the program the main focus is on beautiful handwriting and speed of writing, which are two skills that are difficult to do together.

Mental arithmetic program levels

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