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Smart Knights Institute For Education (SKI) is dedicated to raising the education level of the students in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. its team has worked to put together solutions to support school programs, technology infrastructure, school staff, parents and students. 

Education is an ongoing process that aims

To empower the learner with the necessary tools to become a life-long learner i.e to equip him/her with the tools to research, implement and evaluate not only his learning, but also the tools he is utilizing in the process. This way, by implementing the skills he/she has acquired and being the center of the learning process, the learner himself becomes the source of quality information. That’s why the means and the strategies of teaching and learning are constantly progressing and evolving reaching the point where the teacher is a monitor while the student is the heart executive of the whole process.

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Every project and every experience we go through stems from our social responsibility towards our community. Read more ....

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A few steps to get the latest Technology in Educaion.

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We enable our partner to find suitable solution, not only out of the box tools, but also with what powers and assets they already got in hand

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Offering a service is what we do; “Change Management” is the extra step we take forward as to reach the peak of the deployment efficiency.

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Educate to Innovate

We, as Smart Knights Institute For Education (SKI), do our best to analyze the past, track the present, envision the future, and then explore the possibilities. our partners' unique needs drive our persistence and thrive our motivation to achieve more.
We enable our partners to find suitable solutions, not only by out of the box tools, but also with what powers and assets they already got in hand. 

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