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Teachers carry a heavy responsibility over their shoulders; preparing the students to the future jobs that are not created yet that need skills that no one is actually sure about. However, we all know one thing for sure; the future is made by innovators.


we offer an enrichment curriculum that is aligned with the NGSS and activates PBL, research and engineer – like – thinking in the classroom. in alignment with the scientific and mathematical concepts covered, a new technology will be tackled as well inclusive of 3d printing, robotics or electronics.

3d Printing

Stem Education Kits

Stem kits are mini-project kits that serve a certain concept. The students will follow a guide that will cover the steps of assembly and the scientific ideas behind the model. These are best used as direct authentic application of abstract concepts or as application within activities classes. 

It is true that in schools we teach the four subjects mentioned before; however, in stem the difference lies in the integration. in each project students work on, they will apply the key skills and concepts they have acquired from all the subjects and experiences they have gone through. They will imitate scientists in their approach till reaching the intended result. They are the center and core of the education process.

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